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Four Things You Didn’t Know that Recruiters Do For You

Four Things You Didn’t Know that Recruiters Do For You

Author: Pete Langlois/Tuesday, July 31, 2018/Categories: SNI Companies, SNI Financial, For Job Seekers, For Employers, Industry Trends, Financial Staffing, For Job Seekers, Industry Trends, SNI Technology, Accounting Now, Staffing Now

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I recently spoke with some of our outstanding recruiters on our SNI Companies team about 4 things you may not be aware that recruiters do for you. Read below to find out what they had to say!

1. Guide you before, through, and after the interview process

Patricia: So what’s really important for them to do is I try to provide as much information about the company and about the job description and they need to do their homework. Everybody’s got to do their homework. I can’t do it for them. So when I mean homework, it’s more like going to the website of the company, figuring out information about the company. Who’s the president? How long has the company been around? You know, what their mission says and then not only that, but the expectations of the job.

Patricia: So we would give tips on what to mention or what questions to ask. A little bit of a mock interview. [For example,] what would you like, what are some questions that you’ve thought of to ask the company afterwards? Because when a company interviews you, a lot of times at the end they’ll say, ‘so do you have any questions for us?’ Your answer should always be yes, here are a few good ones, you know, and because they want to know that you’re invested in that, you’ve thought about it. So, I like to ask them, ‘what would you ask them?’

I actually had one person say, ‘oh, well I went online, I went online, and notice that you had a couple of bad reviews. What are some things that you as a company are going to do to improve your reviews online?’

I said, ’that is not a question. So, I’m so glad that I asked you what you’re going to ask them.’

So, that it’s important for us to know what they’re going in. I don’t want anybody going rogue, you know, and asking some crazy thing.

Recruiters are your professional coaches. They give you professional tips on any and everything you need to know so that you land the job (and keep it)! They are your help before, during, and after the interview process.

Recruiters can typically help with your resume. They understand the company so they know how to make your resume more appealing to the company and they know how to highlight your strengths. Recruiters can naturally prepare you for interviews through practicing difficult to answer questions and through encouragement.

Also, our recruiters at SNI Companies go the extra mile and ensure to deliver in small ways like: calling before and after the interview, sending reminders of the time and location of the interview as well as how to dress, what to say, reminding you to write/send a thank you note. These are all small things that you don’t have to stress about so you can focus on landing the job!

However, even after you land the job, our recruiters can still help you. They can assist with orientation, questions you may have but are not confident to ask to your employer. They are still there to assist you.

2. Help you identify our value to the company and market yourself

Patricia: Knowing how are you going to sell yourself to that company because hey, you know, not everybody’s in sales, but when you’re looking for a job, you’re in sales, let’s be real. So, you have to be able to identify with that, what you’re going for and how to market yourself. So doing that "homework", research on the company is very important.

I like to call research “due diligence.” This is a law term but it can be applied to this situation; it means: “reasonable steps taken by a person in order to satisfy a legal requirement, especially in buying or selling something.”

Due diligence is required. Conducting this due diligence at the level companies are expecting will give you the answer on how to market yourself to the company. Understanding the background, the goals, the needs, the problems/pains of the company will propel you above the other candidates. This knowledge and your skills will form your value which is answering how you will fill the gap between their problems/pains and their goals.

3. Bargain your salary for you

Kumi: I always, actually, advised the candidates never to discuss money in an interview. And also I always let them know like that's what I'm here for. You don't ever have to talk about money. That's my job… one of the things that we're able to do is, we would not have them go to that interview or be put in that process without knowing the ballpark of what the range is for the position offering.

Patricia: A lot of people are worried about either underestimating or overestimating themselves, which I think a lot of people can identify with. So you don't want to put yourself out of the game by requesting too high or not, you know, giving yourself enough credit and requesting to low.

As Patricia and Kumi mentioned, they are your middleman. If you are uncomfortable asking the company a big question, you can always rely on your recruiters, ESPECIALLY when it comes to asking/negotiating your prospective future employer for your salary.

Recruiters are familiar with the salary ranges for your position, in your industry, in the region (I mean, they do this almost every day and they have salary guides). You can always trust that recruiters will fight for your numbers, if they are within reason. So avoid being passed up simply because you asked about the money.

4. They are a free service

Alex: Well, that's something you just said I didn't think about this, that the audience may not know that the candidate, this is free to them as services for it. Yeah. Yeah. And the client pays your fee. That's right. Okay. And it doesn't impact their salary. They don't go, oh, well I've got to pay this fee to the agency, so I'm going to have to reduce your salary by that amount.

Patricia: That’s right. So we've had people ask us and I said, if that ever happens in a company calls you and they're charging you for their services, the recruiting - run, hang up the phone, do not work with them because is not right.

That’s right they are free to you! If you’re looking for a job and a recruiting agency says they need to charge you, do not move forward with using them. Verified recruiting services are paid through the company and those fees do not affect your income in any way.

So what are you waiting for? Start utilizing this free service to grow into a career that you are ready for.


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Pete Langlois
Pete Langlois

Pete Langlois

Pete Langlois is the Chief Sales Officer at GEE Group. His blog leverages his decades of experience in hiring, training and retaining top talent and covers trends and issues of interest to employers and job candidates alike.

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Full biography

Pete Langlois is the Chief Sales Officer at GEE Group. His blog leverages his decades of experience in hiring, training and retaining top talent and covers trends and issues of interest to employers and job candidates alike.


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